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Keep Your Drink Warm

Stay comfortable and warm using the kitty cat mug warmer. Place your flat top drink on the warmer and stay focused and relaxed on what matters to you with needing to get up to reheat.

  • Smart Temperature Control: Press the power button once for 113℉/45℃, twice for 131℉/55℃, and three times for 158℉/70℃. Hold for five seconds to turn off the warmer.
  • Any Flat Bottom Drink: Usable with Porcelain, Glass, Plastic, or a Stainless-Steel drinks.
  • Keep Your Phone Visible: The cat paws will hold your phone; You can stay hands free.
  • Any Drink Type: Cocoa, Milk, Tea, or Coffee.
  • Cute Appearance: Enjoy staying comfortable as your cute companion keeps your drink warm.



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