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Bunny Nightlight

Bunny Nightlight

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Cute Night Time Bunny

Soft and squishy night time friend. Gives a calm light to help you rest and relax. It's like a snuggle buddy with a light bulb! This cute nightlight illuminates your way to dreamland, so you can get your beauty sleep on.

  • Cozy and Gentle Glow: Gives off a soothing calming light to help carry you to zzzzzz land. Let Bunny Nightlight guide you into dreamland with its soft, tranquil glow. Say "goodnight" to restless nights and hello to peaceful slumber. 
  • Adjustable Brightness: Give your night time companion a little tap to adjust the brightness for bedtime or wake up time - there's 3 levels to choose from!
  • Portable and Chargeable: USB Type-C charging port, use unplugged or plugged in. Take it with you on camping and road trips. Usable for up to 6 hours. 
  • Food Grade Silicone: Soft BPA-free silicone that is soft to the touch and durable. Strong enough to withstand even the wildest dreams.
  • 30-minute Timer: Turns off automatically so you don't have to run back and forth. 


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